31C Ambassadors

We're so happy that you'd like to work with us! If you're selected to be a 31C Ambassador you will enjoy access to:

  • 20% Off Retail
  • Exclusive Access to V.I.P. Sales
  • Sneak Peak of New Collections

To Apply

To submit your application please email us at ambassadors@31chapters.com and be sure to include all of the following information:

  • Your name
  • Registered business name
  • Your phone number
  • Your mailing address

Applicants must also provide one of the following documents

  • Current business or state professional license with an operating business of interior/ residential design
  • Proof of current AI or IDI provincial registration
  • Interior Design Certification (e.g) NCIDQ, CCIDC

What do we ask of you?

After applicant’s registration has been approved, 31C Ambassadors are required to feature our products and tag @31Chapters in a minimum of two Instagram posts per six months from the time of member approval. We can’t wait to see the creativity of our 31C Ambassadors!



Terms & Conditions

The 31 Chapters Ambassador Program is only accessible to approved ambassadors. Discount privileges and other benefits are not transferable to ambassador clients, purchasing agents or any third-party.

Ambassadors must individually place and pay for their order(s) at the time of purchase. We do not accept any payment from clients of ambassadors.

All orders must be placed over the phone with one of our representatives for Ambassador benefits to be applied.

All opening orders must meet a minimum requirement of $10,000 total. Ambassadors must annually meet a minimum threshold of at least $30,000.

We do not offer discounts on shipping.

Some products may be excluded from the 20% discount such as exclusive/ sale items.

Ambassadors must present proof of current interior design license or business at the request of 31 Chapters.

By accepting the 31 Chapters Ambassador Program, applicant agrees that he/ she will purchase 31 Chapters merchandise solely for business purposes. Applicant will not resell any 31 Chapters merchandise to the general public through retail stores, internet sites, print materials, or by any other means.

31 Chapters owns all featured photos, copies and designs. These may not be used or resold, unless approved by 31 Chapters. 31C Ambassadors are given the right from 31 Chapters to reproduce photos if it is required to conduct business with your individual or client design.

31C Ambassadors are required to feature our products and tag @31Chapters in a minimum of two Instagram posts per 6 months from the time of member approval.

Membership as a 31C Ambassador may be denied or terminated at any time, with or without cause, at the sole discretion of 31 Chapters.