How to: Style a Coffee Table

How to: Style a Coffee Table

How to: Style a Coffee Table

The coffee table should get more credit than it does, or at the least hold a name that expresses its true value more. In my house, the coffee table does much more than provide a landing place for my morning dose of caffeine. On busy evenings it can be a dining table, or lately, even a school desk. Whatever the role it plays in your living area, it should still be beautiful. So how do you style your coffee table? Let's break it down into six simple steps.

1. The Table- Is your coffee table round or square? Is it wood or marble? Keep in mind the shape and material of your coffee table when you are looking to accessorize the piece. If it is round, you may select a round tray and keep everything positioned in the middle. If it is square, you may lend your decor to a square dimensional setup. The material of the coffee table may dictate the elements of the decorative items you choose to put on the table as well, keeping in mind the need for a variety in texture.

2. The Tray - A beautiful tray is a perfect way to organize the items on your coffee table. It can turn what feels cluttered into something beautifully coordinated. A tray serves as a landing place for the grouping of items, making them feel intentional and it can also be used for serving when you have a guest or make it easy for you to remove decor items when needed when that lovely coffee table turns into a dining table or a school desk.

3. The Books - Coffee table books add dimension, color, and interest. Arrange them in neat stacks, beginning with the largest on the bottom and working your way up to the smallest. Keep in mind the color of the room when selecting your books and pick something that tells the story of your interests.

4. The Greens - Flowers or greens add a soft touch and a natural element to any coffee table. Maybe they are seasonal, maybe they are fresh from the garden or maybe they are a beautiful faux stem. Bring the outdoors in, keeping in mind the height. Bring in something that is low profile, like a small potted fern or a small vase of flowers that will not block your view of one another or interrupt a conversation.

5. The Decorative Accent - These items personalize the space. Maybe it is something from your travels or something of your mother’s….these special accents can be storytellers. They can also simply be unique objects that have caught your eye, the perfect way to introduce metal or wood texture to your coffee table, and a fun conversation starter.

6. The light - As we head into the fall, who does not love a candle? There is something cozy about a space that incorporates candlelight. You can place your candles in a grouping to create interest or you can simply add them to a tray. At the end of the day, clear off the schoolbooks, the cups of half-sipped juice, and the crumbs that remain. It’s your time to sit, put your feet up, light your candle, and enjoy the beautiful coffee table you have created.