Setting Your Holiday Table

Setting Your Holiday Table

Setting Your Holiday Table

Growing up, holidays meant a beautifully set table. Days before our guests were to arrive, my mom pulled out her very best and layered each place setting with fine china, textile napkins, flatware and always a bit of surprise. Those days are some of my fondest memories and I am truly thankful for the example she set (no pun intended). I learned from the master and I have continued to see the holiday table as an opportunity to express the value of gathering together. To express my love to family and friends that occupy those dining chairs and share in the years of tradition.

Setting a beautiful holiday table can feel daunting, but it need not to be. So here are a few helpful tips:

Think Layers

The term “layers” is not often referred to the table, but it is what will make your holiday table stand out. From the charger that stunningly sets each place setting apart from the layered dishes, the strategically placed napkin and the added element of surprise, layering your table creates interest and is the perfect opportunity to add texture making your guests feel as if they are about to embark on a dining experience.

Think Tradition

It is always fun to get something new to add to your table, but it is extra special to also incorporate a remembered story. During the holidays, I love to use my grandmother Theda’s green stemware. I love the nostalgic feeling of pulling them out from the cabinet and thinking about the memories of the holiday’s past. She may no longer sit at our table, but her memory does with these priceless additions to each place setting.

Think Color Story

Like how we select a color palette when selecting pillows for our sofa, it’s important to establish a color story for your holiday table. Maybe it is more traditional holding to the red and green that we identify with Christmas or maybe it is neutral with more of an organic feel. I have even included pink dishes on the table in years past… yes pink. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box; the holidays are meant to be fun!



Think a Little Extra

I love to go the extra mile and add something special to each place setting. Some years it’s something simple like a pine cone that I found while up at a family cabin, while other years it has been a personal potted plant that each guest can take home, or a special ornament that could be added to one’s tree. The extra detail is the perfect way to share and say something special.

Think Fresh

Who does not love additional fresh flowers or greenery to any table? A fresh garland is the perfect place to start. Be it magnolia or a combination of cypress and eucalyptus, garland draped down the length of your table will make any guest feel like the holiday has arrived. Layer your garland with some beautiful candle sticks and you have created the perfect welcome.