Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Like Mother, Like Daughter
This Mother's Day we wanted to celebrate by hearing from two young gals who are heading off on their own into their college endeavors. Izzy, and Ainsley shared with us what it is like to look back on their relationships with their mothers and all that they have learned from them as they move into adulthood. 
Here's what they had to say...

Ainsley & Amy 

"As the years have gone by, more and more people have mentioned how much I resemble my mom, and honestly that is one of the greatest compliments I could ever receive. My mom is my biggest role model, and the way she lives her day-to-day life has always been such a great example of how to walk in faith and do life alongside others.
Our relationship is unique because we are polar opposites in many ways, yet identical in others. While our personalities are different, I always notice myself having the same daily habits and little quirks that she does. We share a love for coffee, sparkling water, shopping, and all things London, and while being apart from her this year while at college, I realized how much she has influenced me.
She is my best friend, and being her daughter is the biggest blessing!
My mom has always been intentional in everything she does. When my sister and I were little, she would always buy us balloons on our last day of school, decorate our rooms for our birthdays, or even just have treats for us when she would pick us up to show that she was thinking about us. As we've gotten older, she has continued to surprise us with those little things but has also planned trips just so that we could spend quality time together. She is the best hostess I know and is always intentional about curating a dinner table that cultivates a meal centered on relationship and enjoying each other's company. She has always taken time to grow and build her friendships and relationships, whether it be a two-hour-long coffee date or a text that reminds them just how special they are. She will always put others first, in little and big ways, and as I have grown up watching her do so, I have seen how much extra she does to create those spaces and relationships.
In my eyes, my mom is the very definition of intentionality, and being able to learn from how she pours into others and everything she does has caused me to want to do the same things and be just as purposeful." - Ainsley

Izzy & Lisa

"When I think about my mom, I see a woman that I strive to be. Someone who has faced trials in her life with grace and ease. She is someone I can easily call my best friend, and someone who I can talk to about anything and everything. She has taught me so many important life lessons; treat everyone with kindness, work hard and you can accomplish anything, and never be afraid to embrace who you are. The most important thing that she has taught me is how to have fun in every moment. I tend to get caught up in the hecticness of life and forget to just find time to laugh and have fun. She has made it a point to constantly just find time in her week or her day to spend time with me so we have the ability to laugh and talk about all the good things that God has done and what He has in store for us. My favorite memories of us are when we can just be silly and sing along to every song that comes on in the car. My mom has taught me so many valuable lessons, and I am so incredibly blessed to have someone like her as my mom." 

- Izzy