Madi Prewett Collaboration

Madi Prewett Collaboration

Madi Prewett Collaboration

Well I admit, I was first introduced to Madi when watching the Bachelor. However, I continued to follow her on Instagram because I was impressed with who she was. She was a beautiful young lady who stayed true to her convictions, her faith, and her story. So now fast forward to just a few months ago, I saw Madi had moved from her hometown of Alabama to Dallas, TX. She was in the process of setting up her room and was starting from scratch. I immediately knew 31 Chapters would love to help Madi style her space and write her very own Create Room story. I reached out to Madi and almost instantly she replied with a yes! She and I hit it off immediately. We had something in common and that was our faith! We are women in different life stages, doing different things but serving the same God! It was a common thread that connected our hearts.

Madi and I began to converse back and forth about her space. She shared her desire to stay with a black and white color story. Keeping the lines clean and modern while also incorporating some classic feminine touches. Her room was small and in some ways, she was struggling with the functionality of the small space. So we knew that we had to incorporate pieces that looked great but also functioned great. Together we picked out the pieces that we felt would best fit her design story. Then, the 31 Chapters Team booked our tickets to Dallas!

We arrived in Dallas with time to do some local shopping and make a few coffee stops. No 31 Chapters trip is complete without coffee… lots of coffee! Although we were going into Madi’s home, we wanted her to feel like she was our guest. Gift-giving is my love language and so I knew I had to show up at her door with my arms full. We put together the perfect basket complete with our favorite 31C tea towels, delicious popcorn, 31 Chapters logo wear, and, of course, an Alabama Homesick Candle… nothing like a little bit of home. 

Madi greeted us with open arms. She opened the door and it was as if we had known each other for years. She welcomed us into her home and immediately we knew this was going to be such a fun day. Madi gave us a tour of the house, showed us her space, and was an amazing hostess. However, we had work to do. So we quickly kicked Madi out of her room and our team did what we love to do…..Create Room!

We knew that we were working with a small space and so we needed to be intentional about what we put in the room. The focus of the room was our Fifer Bed. It is substantial but approachable, and we knew it would be the perfect piece to soften the space. We then added the Layla Body Pillow and the Harrison Tray creating a combination of style and functionality. The single drawer Lorring Nightstands were positioned beside each side of the bed and the Joan Alabaster Lamps were placed on top. The stark contrast of dark along with the modern lines pairs these pieces together beautifully. We finished off the room with some of our favorite accessories.

We were confident that Madi would love her new room and she did! It was so much fun seeing her eyes light up and the smile that was on her face when she walked in the door. What had started out as a bare room was now Madi’s room… it was a reflection of her and it was her very own CREATE ROOM story!

When all was said and done, I knew that part of this collaboration was about more than Madi Prewett’s styled room story. It was also about her life story. The story of who she is and how she is using her platform to inspire others. So after the room reveal, I had the honor of sitting down with Madi to get to know her better. We captured that conversation on video and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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