A Real Friend

A Real Friend

A Real Friend
True friendships are one of life's biggest blessings. When a person can walk alongside you in life and not only be authentic, but also an encouragement throughout life's many seasons, is when you realize that person is a friend for life. If you have an eye for details you may have noticed that our candle is named "MIKA" which means "beautiful fragrance".

This is because we came across a verse that inspired us to reflect and appreciate the friendships in our lives: "Sweet friendships refresh the soul and awaken our hearts with joy, for good friends are like the anointing oil that yields the fragrant incense of God’s presence." Proverbs 27:9. 

We asked a few of our team members to share what friendship means to them, here is what they had to say: 



"Friendship is a gift! I can remember the first time I met Tori. Our daughters were in preschool together and we had a mutual connection that introduced us. Who knew that that introduction would develop into a treasured gift in my life, a true friend! We laugh because we are often mistaken for twins. We embrace the compliment being that neither of us have biological sisters and happily adopt the honored title of sisters. We have raised babies together, traveled the world together and prayed for one another’s children diligently. We have celebrated on the mountaintops and cried in the valleys. Life has moved quickly and now that we have both launched our kids from the home, I value my friendship with Tori that much more. The history we have brings depth and the common thread of Jesus connects us no matter the span of time or place."

"Coffee dates become a lifeline, texts bring a smile and the adventures together are treasure. We will always leave the mall with arms full of of more bags than we can carry and we will always find a cute coffee shop…no matter how far it is or if we have enough time to stop. Caffeinated is better than punctual in our book. Tori is beautifully talented, creative and loyal. She is the artist behind the pictures you see at 31 Chapters and getting to work together is the best! A true friend is a rare find, a gift to protect and a treasure to keep.  God has not intended us to live alone, we all need a Tori in our lives."  


"I think that the meaning of friendship to me is something that has changed and developed a lot since I graduated high school. For me, friendship means that you are by a person's side no matter what, and will always be a listening ear when they need it. It means being that person that they go to when they need to be goofy, and just let it all out. A friend is someone that you can truly be yourself with, all the good and all the bad, and they will accept you and love you no matter what. The truest friends are there for you in all seasons of life, no matter how difficult it might be. To me, friendships are so incredibly special, because it is a person who chooses to spend time with me despite all of my flaws and imperfections, it is a person that loves me for who I am, and someone who will be by my side as I continue to grow and learn." 

"When I think of friendship, I think of my friend Alexis and the impact that she has had on my life. Despite moving across the country, she has still been one of my favorite people to talk to. She is someone that I can sit and talk to for hours and we never run out of things to talk about. She has one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen and goes out of her way to help people in need. My friendship with her has helped me grow as a person because she continues to teach me new things and perspectives. She continuously encourages me to go out of my comfort zone and do activities that I might be scared to do. She has been such a light in my life, and I am forever grateful that I get the privilege of having her as my best friend." 


Whether it's a brand new friendship, or one that has surpassed the mountains and valleys of the years. We hope that the MIKA candle will help inspire you to appreciate the sweet friendships in life and to take a moment to connect, laugh, and share a cup of coffee with the people that encourage you best.