2022 Design Trends

2022 Design Trends

2022 Design Trends
As the world around us feels a bit unsteady, our homes continue to be a place of peace. Our home brings organization to the chaos and Creating Room puts us at ease. As we say goodbye to 2021 and look ahead to 2022 we desire something new. The design world is very much the same. A new year ushers in new trends while often holding onto old traditions.


2022 is giving you the permission to mix and match. An opportunity to give your spaces a fresh perspective while holding onto the pieces you love most. A home that looks like a showroom lacks life and personality. Your home is meant to tell a story. Beautiful pieces paired together to reflect style, history and you. 


 Prints & Patterns

The subtle prints of 2021 are making way for the bold prints and patterns of 2022.  This can often be a scary jump, so start small. A patterned accent piece or bold print wall covering in a small space is a great way to start. Find some personality in prints and patterns and don’t be afraid to introduce them into your space.

Texture, Texture & More Texture

Textures and textiles are the perfect way create visual interest. We heard a lot about velvets in 2021 and we are still going to hear about them in 2022. They are the perfect way to add a bit of elegance to any space. Textiles are not the only way to introduce texture. Natural materials such as stone, metal and wood will continue to be favorites. 
Terence Lamp (in taupe)


Although neutrals still continue to be a constant in 2022, they are taking a back seat and making way for many romantic colors. Soft colors that reflect neutral hues like rose terra-cotta and evergreen fog. Among the natural hues you will see bright pops of color. So have some fun.


We saw curved lines reintroduced in furniture in 2021; however, 2022 is taking curves to a new level. Along with furniture detailing, you will see curved lines introduced in custom cabinetry and structural design. So if it took you last year to warm up to the rounded edges of interior design, you still have time to jump on the trend. Curves are back and look like they will be staying for a while!

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