2021 Design Trends

2021 Design Trends

2021 Design Trends


The primary color focus of this season is grey tones being beautifully paired with neutrals. The pairing of neutrals with the color grey brings back a warmth that we have veered away from. Neutrals are pleasing to the eye and organically pair well with other elements. Accents colors you may keep your eye out for are muted colors like green, coral, and blue that will complement the neutrals. 

Blue is back. Navy blue is still with us in 2021. It has become a new neutral of sort. It is the perfect wall color for a moody room design, a beautiful velvet color for an accent piece of furniture, or the perfect colored statement piece to incorporate into your space. The more striking tones of the year will be reflected in the colors terra cotta, burgundy, and yellow.



Nordic and Scandinavian style homes have significantly influenced the Interior Design Trends for 2021. This design style highlights light wood tones and lends itself to a very monochromatic and calming color pallet. It is simplistic in style and incorporates tight lines that lend themselves to a very clean approach. It is organic in feel and is often complemented with natural materials, textiles and decor. It is a style that creates a naturally cozy space. 

2021 will also include a bit of a throwback in style. Some of the iconic elements that will return will be the shiny gold metal, colorful velvets, patterned fabrics as well as statement wall coverings, and wall designs. This throwback style goes away from the minimalistic approach to create a more modern luxurious environment. 

If you like the monochromatic approach of Interior Design then you will fit in just fine in 2021. You will be on target with your neutral approach and organic direction. Keeping your design simple and clean will reflect the Scandinavian style that has influenced home design in 2021. However, if you like a sense of adventure in design, then you can easily add accents of striking colors, a new throwback piece, or a bright statement wall covering. 2021 is your opportunity to have some fun! If you are somewhere in the middle of the design styles, stick to the muted tones or incorporate the statement color Navy blue to add something muddy but sophisticated to the eye.